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Services focus on each client’s unique needs. Services are customized and provided by a team of professionals.


  • Job search skills training
  • Occupational skill training
  • Job coaching
  • Job placement
  • Long-term follow-up
  • Job exploration
  • Vocational/Community Evaluation
  • Emergency on-call

Job search skill training
is provided by an Employment Specialist and can include resume development, interview techniques, how to locate jobs and how to network and set-up an organized job search.

Occupational skill training
is a customized service designed to increase work skills. It can include job exploration visits, job tryouts or situational assessments.

Vocational/Community evaluation
services are customized to each client’s unique needs and can include community-based situational assessments, work samples, interest inventories, learning style assessments, occupational therapy screening and language screening.

Job exploration
services are provided by an Employment Specialist and can include short, arranged visits to work-sites and various kinds of jobs in the community.

Job Development
is provided to individuals on a one-on-one basis.

Job placement
is a service provided by an Employment Specialist who helps clients locate jobs in the community

Job coaching
is provided by a qualified job trainer. Job coaching helps a new employee get acquainted with the new job. Job coaching trains the new employee on how to do the job by using a step-by-step process.

Long-term follow-up
is provided by an Employment Specialist who keeps in touch with the client and the employer indefinitely. Follow-up can also include the help of the employment specialist in dealing with any kind of life problem.

Emergency on-call
services are available to handle problems that may arise when closed.

The first step in the placement process is planning with an individual. The person’s history, residential information, skills, barriers, interests, community functioning, previous work history, health concerns, communication skills, and behavior challenges are summarized on personal profile sheets, which are made available to staff who are involved with job development, job searching and training.

Job search efforts are concentrated in the areas where the individual skills, training and interest are the strongest, with emphasis on making a placement which will increase the person’s choice, competence, respect, community presence, and community participation.

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