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ACS Corona Virus Preparedness Plan Update
August 26th, 2022

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Dear ACS Friends, Families, and Community Partners:

Beyond COVID

Salt Lake and Tooele counties have dropped below 20 daily cases per 100k residents.  By now, most of us have learned how to function in our community with enhanced general precautions and understanding of communicable diseases.

As such, we are moving to our “normal” operations phase.  This means that we no longer have elevated precautions such as mask requirements on our vans or in our programs.  However, this does not mean we are throwing caution to the wind.  Through the process of navigating COVID we have updated some of our policies to keep our folks safe which may be a change in how we operated previously:

  1. Physical distancing will be an ongoing consideration in all our interactions both at our programming sites or while in the community
  2. Our staff will have the authority to cancel or modify an activity due to observable health and safety concerns
  3. Community outings should still consider density and areas of concern or elevated risks of high transmission
  4. Masks will be optional; staff and participants should not judge others for their use/non use
  5. Staff will still use PPE’s as warranted to their specific duties throughout the day
  6. Continue the pre-existing policy of screening staff and participants upon arrival to a program if they are exhibiting illnesses which may be highly communicable
  7. Unmonitored doors will remain locked at our facilities for security purposes, all of our doors have doorbells to gain access from the outside for visitors and can be exited at will.
  8. We will adjust our precautions as warranted as community conditions change

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to contact Kendra Baum or Dan Fazzini at 801-281-0700.

Best wishes for a great weekend!

Kendra and Dan


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