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ACS Corona Virus Preparedness Plan Update
May 5th, 2021

See Previous Messages or Printable Versions Here

Emergency Operations Update 2021.05.05

We are closely monitoring recommended precautionary measures.  This week, the State of Utah removed most mandates for the public.  This signifies their recognition that precautions should be evaluated on a situational basis.  We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust up or down accordingly.  In general, precautions are added as density increases and airflow decreases and vice-versa.
Utah Government Mandates
  • Only applies to the government regulations requiring mask wearing.
  • Does not require a person to wear or not wear a mask for private businesses.
  • Private businesses are still allowed to have their own requirements under the updated rule. 
  • Many businesses have already switched to removing their requirements.  Most food services still require them.  Others have changed their signage from “required” to “recommended” or “encouraged.”
  • State employees are still expected to wear masks, visitors are just encouraged.
  • Schools are still under a mask mandate.
Effective Monday, May 10th
Mask Wearing - General - ACS Property
  • Everyone should evaluate their own personal health and make their own decision to wear a mask or stay home due to illness.
  • Everyone should have a mask available to wear as the situation warrants throughout the day.
  • Mask wearing is determined by the individual of their personal choice to wear a mask or not for themselves only.
  • We ask that mildly sick individuals wear a mask. When not wearing a mask they should cover a cough or sneeze properly with the elbow or back of hand. Follow up with proper hand washing.
  • Individuals who have a communicable illness should follow our call in procedures for absences, re-schedule or switch to a video visit.
  • Everyone should wear a mask when continuous close contact will occur for an extended period of time (10 minutes or more).
  • Mask wearing may be required at a business or other private setting off ACS property including private homes of our participants.
Mask Wearing - Transportation
  • Federal regulations require wearing masks on all modes of public transportation, this has been extended through September 13th, 2021.
  • Mask wearing while transporting program participants is still required.
  • If the expected trip time is less than 10 minutes for both ACS vans and personal vehicles exceptions may be considered.
    • For home transportation, this is for the entire route.
    • For community access, per leg as long as each stop is more than 20 minutes.
  • For van transportation, 2 people per row for most trips.
Physical Distancing
  • Physical distancing should be observed to the greatest extent practicable.  6-10 feet is ideal when indoors.  3-6 feet from other groups when in the community.
  • The ability to properly physically distance should be evaluated when planning all activities regardless of mask use or vaccination status.
  • When an environment becomes difficult to physically distance, masks should be worn and consideration should be given modifying the activity.
  • Activities should be avoided where large crowds of 50+people are expected to be in attendance.
  • ACS encourages everyone to be vaccinated. 
  • Most individuals have had the opportunity to obtain the vaccination.
  • Whether or not to be vaccinated is a personal choice to be made by each individual and their medical professionals.
  • ACS does not monitor or require vaccination for participation or as a condition of employment or determine mask wearing status on whether or not an individual is vaccinated.
Screening - General
  • Compulsory screening will no longer be required for regular attendees and visitors. 
  • For unknown or infrequent visitors, temperature checks and basic questioning will be required to inquire if they have been sick or been around others who were sick in the last 72 hours.
  • We ask that everyone self monitor their health status and alert us before attending when practicable for potential consideration for absence.
Exceptions & Variances
  • New exceptions or variances may be requested on mask wearing and other precautions, they will be evaluated on a case-by case basis.  Considerations include weighing the safety of all individuals involved including the participant, staff and the community.
Courtesy and Respect
  • ACS staff shall refrain from judging, discriminating or otherwise harassing others for their choice to wear a mask or not or employ other measures.  Program participants should be encouraged to follow the same behavior.  It is acceptable to politely ask others to keep their distance if you feel uncomfortable or crowded. 
  • All of ACS’s anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies still apply. Please report such behavior to your regional Director or to Kendra or Dan.


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