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ACS Corona Virus Preparedness Plan Update
January 6th, 2022

See Previous Messages or Printable Versions Here

Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) 06 January 2022

Due to the dramatically increasing COVID case counts this week, we find it necessary to make significant, temporary changes to our operations. If you or someone you support is scheduled to receive services during the day, please self-assess and report any illnesses prior to the start of services whenever possible and report illnesses to our main switchboard at 801-281-0700. All of our staff have the authority to refuse services if they determine that there may be a COVID exposure risk. 

In short, all non-essential community outings will be paused or rescheduled. We are conducting anterior nasal PCR testing weekly of all staff, and are opening testing up to our day program participants as well. Contact Katie at our office for release forms @ ktaylor @ 

In person Supported Employment services are being evaluated individually to assess if a temporary pause in services or conducting sessions over zoom/phone is appropriate. 

In person Supported Living services are limited to essential home services where physical distancing can be reasonably maintained and no activities involving other settings or vehicles (walking in the neighborhood would be acceptable for example). Billable services may be conducted remotely over video, or phone if video is not feasible. 

For Supported Living without natural supports and group homes, trips into the community for essentials should be done by staff alone and bringing the items back to the home and only take trips into the community with participants requiring transportation for essential medical appointments. 

Day Hubs should utilize supplies on-hand and pause or reschedule activities away from the program. If supplies are needed from the community, they should be ordered or staff retrieve them alone without program participants. Only on-duty staff and participants attending will be allowed in the building except for emergency situations. 

 All non-urgent meetings by outside personnel should be done over the phone or video.

Thank you for your understanding as we get through this current surge. 


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